Lionel Messi's Barcelona contract excludes FIFA and UEFA from conflict
Lionel Messi's Barcelona contract excludes FIFA and UEFA from conflict

Lionel Messi’s Barcelona contract excludes FIFA and UEFA from conflict. The club and the player originally agreed to resolve by a court of law.

Both UEFA and FIFA legal executives are aware that if there is any disagreement between FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi than this must be resolved through a Spanish court and would see both governing bodies exempt from becoming embroiled in the emerging legal conflict between both sides.

Neither footballing body favours the Spanish buy-out clause system as they feel it goes against the desired effect of players respecting the length of signed deals between football clubs and their players.

Both FIFA and UEFA would avoid any embargo or ban on him playing whilst the matter drags on in countless and time sapping legal proceedings.

Many feel that Messi’s legal team would have anticipated any issues that FC Barcelona would present and it’s felt that the Argentine will be free to negotiate with would-be suitors (Manchester City) with FIFA set to process the transfer should a mutually deal be secured with the player and the Premier League outfit.

In the meantime Barcelona appear set to embark on a legal battle that will possibly conclude by the time the Argentine striker has decided to call time on his playing days with everything pointing to this being in a new country, a new league and wearing a new club shirt.

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