Wenger ignored advice to sign Kaká two years before he joined AC Milan

Wenger ignored advice to sign Kaká
Wenger ignored advice to sign Kaká

Wenger ignored advice to sign Kaká. An Arsenal scout told Arsene Wenger two years before Kaká would become a footballing sensation at AC Milan that Arsenal should sign the Brazilian.

Sandro Orlandelli, who worked as a South American scout for Arsenal in the early 2000’s told Athletic that during his first two-week internship with Arsenal in 2001 he was asked by Wenger which player in South America would suit the Gunners.

In that face-to-face with Wenger, Orlandelli recommended Arsenal sign young Sao Paulo attacking midfielder Kaká.

The Arsenal boss had not heard of Kaká at that stage and did not follow up on Orlandelli’s advice, but the recommendation would play a part in the scout being offered a permanent role with the London club.

“That opened doors for me.” Orlandelli told the Athletic about the conversation he had with Wenger about Kaká. “It gave me credibility. That’s when people have started to believe in my work.”

Credit: Metro Football

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