Bruno Fernandes reveals inspiration behind unique penalty technique

Bruno Fernandes reveals inspiration
Bruno Fernandes reveals inspiration

Bruno Fernandes reveals inspiration behind unique penalty-taking technique. But says he will need to change someday in the future.

The 26-year-old has a similar style to Chelsea midfielder Jorginho, where he does a skip before coolly slotting the ball past a bewildered goalkeeper. The midfielder attributes the idea to his ex-coach in Italy.

Two of Fernandes’ three goals for United have come from the penalty spot, including his first-ever goal for the club in the 3-0 win against Watford in February.

‘My inspiration was a coach, like a third coach in Sampdoria. Because I started to shoot penalties in Udinese and I already shoot in the national team, also Under-21s.’ Fernandes said in an Instagram live session with former Macedonia international Mario Gjurovski.

‘At that moment, I had a different way to shoot. We shoot pens after training. [I] was there with [Fabio] Quagliarella. He said why don’t you change your idea? It’ll be difficult for the keeper.

‘So I try, Quagliarella was taking penalties and when I came to Portugal, it was Bas Dost and I was second.

‘So I started taking them but it was him. Nobody knows it was not inspiration but just advice and I started doing it. ‘Sometimes I change, I never shoot in same way. Because if I go three or four penalties in a row I will change.

‘Keepers have videos and can study you so I will need to change because they will know.’

Credit: Metro Football

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