Lukaku aims to play to the age of 36 years – hint of the future, becoming a coach

Lukaku is a former player in the youth team of Anderlecht And began to build his own reputation there

Making him intend to go back and hang his former club in the future. “The future of the Belgian national team depends on what happens after the Euro. My personal choice is also based on that. Because at that time I was 28 or 29 years old, “said Lukaku.” I have been playing professional football since the age of 16 and I want to play until the age of 36. ”

“My dream is to hang a stud with Anderlecht. To allow me to return to finish my career with the point it began after 20 years. “Luguku was further asked whether When it’s time to hang your stud How did he plan for the future afterwards? “I want to travel And left everything for a while But I’m not going to be a TV guru. “” I’m currently studying and who knows, maybe I can become a coach? “

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